Art & Radio in Cottage Grove

Welcome! A component of accomplishing good Radio is community interconnection. KSOW-lp   Real Rural Radio seeks to engage Artists. We are requesting local photographs, images or reproductions of existing work for publication to this website.

We are particularly interested to develop a creative environment for Artists to showcase their craft,  specifically to develop this resource as a community portrait and networking resource for local artisans.

We anticipate to offer each artist a space in the blog to create  if so chosen,  a virtual store or a link to an existing marketing tool or site. This will require some technical savvy on behalf of the participants. It is believed that with proper design, the skills required to create and service a listing is with-in the skill sets of a modest computer literacy. One of the goals Real Rural Radio tasked itself with is facilitating self instruction for personal growth.

The tools to participate in this remarkable art project can be found at various locations of this site. It really is up to us, if we want to create a vital presence in the world.  Which we do every day!    To do so in a way that lets the interested rest of the world share in that experience.

KSOW-lp   Real Rural Radio is accepting submissions for website Banner Art, Artistic free enterprise model,  art or studio listings, cultural events, landscape design and garden projects.       Let us not overlook Musicians!       These are all elements of our community expression of art.

Cottage Grove and Regional local Artist’s, put us to the task! Please let’s start simple and please let’s breathe some life into this remarkable opportunity we have all been given.




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