Born Again!

Thanks for visiting our website. We are currently reworking our web resources. For us, this is a learning and interactive experience. If you receive our broadcasts or know of our work, we want to hear from you.

There are a number of services we hope to combine with this website and the broadcast platform to support not only great music in Cottage Grove but many of the other information networking opportunities necessary to a vital, sustainable Cottage Grove and local region.

Please offer us your comments on our programs and other topics as you are able.

Thank you,   Donnie


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2 Responses to Born Again!

  1. donnie says:

    Welcome listeners and programmers to our under construction web-page, blog-spot. Here is where we are requesting discussion regarding what listeners want to hear, when and what programs local residents want to produce.
    If you are an aspiring or former KSOW-lp programmer please message us your interests and concerns. We are re-iterating the the station project on the track of the founding concepts of Real Rural Radio.

  2. lupebelodu says:

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