Earth Day Sustainability Fair and All Species Parade 4-21-12, Kudana Marimba, KSOW-lp benefit

As spring unfolds and we begin the festive fruitful season ahead, it’s a good time to remind us all of the opportunities we share.

April 21, 2012 will mark Cottage Grove’s first Sustainability Fair accompanied with the popular “All species Parade”in All America, Opal’s Park. As well, later in the afternoon will be the Kudana Marimba Band in All America Park (3pm to 5pm), a KSOW-lp hosted stage segueing to a benefit for the Cougar Mountain, Tayberry Jam, KSOW-lp benefit at 7 pm with Wild Camas, Guthrie, Luna Sunday and Aeon Now performing at the Axe and Fiddle Music Hall.

This is shaping up to be a very concentrated offering of local talent with guest artist being invited as well.

If you are a KSOW-lp programmer, or a former KSOW-lp programmer and would like to participate in this outreach and production event pleas contact the station management team.

Let’s let the season begin!







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