Local Programs

This summer, we’ll be showcasing local talent on Sundays. You can catch their shows live on the airwaves, or we’ll also be uploading all of the shows to this page on Sunday evening, so you can download or stream any of the shows you want to listen to.

Scroll down to find all the recordings for your favorite shows:

3pm-4pm – Sunday Love

Uplifting dance and electronic music with a message, hosted by j. Maryam Mathieu.

March 5th: The First One!

March 19th: Heartache

March 26th: High On Life (playlist here)

April 16th: It’s Going to Be Ok

April 24th: Love is Hard

April 30th: You Are Beautiful and Worthy of Love (playlist)



4pm-4:30pm – Through the Prism (Coming May 7th)

A fantastic journey in storytelling, written and performed by j. Maryam Mathieu with a musical score by Samuel Barrett.

Episode 1 (5/7/2017)



4:30pm-5pm – The Cottage Grove Community Connection (Coming May 7th)

Local announcements, events, interviews, music, and poetry, showcasing the awesome people and things happening in this town. Hosted by Sam Barrett and j. Maryam Mathieu.

Send us your announcements, events, and appreciations of people you love in town! Email us at info@KSOW.org.



5pm-6pm – Extraterrestrial Radio: Garage Tapes Mix

Post-rock and post-punk, with a splash of surf, indie, and garage rock, with Samuel Barrett.

April 30th: Episode 1



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