Western Oregon Opry Ltd.

Western Oregon Opry supporters and elements of the KSOW-lp/ Real Rural Radio team have combined their efforts to energize the Western Oregon Opry and mobilize the full power NCE broadcast license the Opry was granted in 2010.

The team currently includes Noah Wemple, Moy McGill, Joe Magner, Steve Cobert, Donnie Sevilla, Jimmy Schaper, Steve Barnes and we hope soon to include you!

This project is a major undertaking for our community and will require support from the diverse elements of community.

So! Please use this blog site to keep us informed of you interest, support or inquiry’s.  The new Opry email address is:   opry@ksow.org

Also of some interest. We anticipate and are committed to preserving both of these community assets as separate projects, sharing technical assets and in some instances staff while preserving the character, individuality and personality of the independent organizations. i.e. these organizations are not competing they are fulfilling their individual missions with shared co-operation and resource management.

Thank you for your interest,

The Opry Mobilization Team

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  1. Bopb Wickline says:

    Hello there,

    At AudioPort.Org, please find and review the very timely, issue-oriented rally songs, “What Will Become of Lady Liberty” and “Wake Up America” by producer Bob Wickline. Other topical songs of concern with suggestions for change that have been uploaded from WICKLINE’S 10-song digital album, “WAKE UP AMERICA! We shall reap what we sow” include “Medicare for All,” “The Time for Peace on Earth Goodwill Toward All Has Come” & “Now’s the Time for We the People!” (theme song for recently released documentary film sequel, “Now is the Time! Healthcare for Everybody”).

    If you have questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to call or email!

    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Bob Wickline
    Cascade Mountain Music
    253 549 2468

    “This land is your land! This land is my land!
    If we come together & work together,
    we can pull the weeds
    that threaten to destroy our land!
    I hope & pray you understand!
    We cannot reap a good harvest
    with a bunch of bad seeds!
    Wake up and shake it up America
    from north to south from east to west
    from sea to shining sea!
    Our government is of, by, and for
    we the people who can’t ignore
    that we shall reap what we sow,
    so we better sow carefully!”
    from “Wake Up America” by Bob Wickline

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